Release v. 1.7 contains:

  • Added a Brand New Authentication System (Including Fallback System with automatic switch)
  • Added Attack requirement reduction feature
  • Added Statistics Reset Button
  • Added Locating Heroes and Boosting Heroes
  • Added a Timer for the "End battle if no resource change"-feature
  • Faster analysis of opponent bases (Which allows faster skipping through search results)
  • Improved the text recognition for Donation Keywords
  • Added the possibility to Locate Heroes manually (for hero boosting)
  • Added an automatic approach to disable the Game Hooks for problematic systems
  • Removed the necessity to link barracks if you aren't doing barracks boosting
  • Improved the detection of THs which are being covered by UI elements (such as the Unit Deploy bar)
  • Improved the donation speed slightly (further improvements is possible)
  • Increased the frequency to check for new messages at clan tab (More frequent donations is possible)
  • Fixed 4-sided deployment for multiple troop kinds (e.g. Archer/Barbarian/Giant)
  • Some URLs has been changed to boostbot.org
  • Better tool-tips are available now
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs (such as visual stuff/wizard donation and so on)
  • Side note: A lot of time has been spent into the LUA attack api (not available yet)
  • Once the bot has stopped, no background processes will be running anymore
  • New Auto-Stop Module [Bottom Right on Misc Tab]
  • Fixed Barracks Boosting
  • Fixed Donating to All
  • Fixed Trophy Pushing
  • Fixed Build Queue
  • Improved Attacking Algorithms
  • Improved Attacking Settings
  • Made deployment of heroes for all attacking methods faster and more effective
  • Fixed Building Queue