Clashofclans Th Snipe Bot [Push Trophies Really Fast] + Show Traps & Hidden Teslas

Show Traps & Hidden Teslas Download Here

Extract it to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder

  1. -Open Rooted Bluestacks
  2. -Open Root Explorer
  3. -Go to \sdcard\windows\BstSharedFolder
  4. -Select csv and logic folder -> Click copy
  5. -Go back to main and then go to \data\data\com.supercell.clashofclans\update\
  6. -Give permission to SuperSU/SuperUser
  7. -Paste there
  8. If csv folder is not there, you need to create that folder yourself under update folder and paste those 2 files there
Download CGBv411mods

Just open it, click start, detect selected buildings and just let the bot run  :wub:
PS: I highly recommend that if you are on gold league or lower before start trophie pushing make sure your gold storages are full, i've found that on crystal league it takes too many searches arround 100-200 sometimes, but don't worry the bot eventually will find a good TH to snipe
PS2: There is no need to register on their forums but if you want here is the link ( not a referral link):



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