ClashBot 7.7.4 Release [Search Reduction | Performance Increase]

Release 7.7 Contains: 

  • Update 4, version 7.7.4 (build 1436):

  1. Fix for right-click bypass of screenshot auto reduction
  2. Fix for 'wall09' definition problems
  3. Improved detection for level 8 walls
  • Update 3, version 7.7.3 (build 1435):
  1. Fix for trophy push attacking bad opponents
  2. Fix for stats resetting themselves each time Start Bot is pressed
  3. Colored labels to distinguish resource boxes
  4. Auto redaction of personal details when taking a screenshot of your own town
  5. New level 11 wall recognition
  • Update 2, version 7.7.1431:
  1. Fixed Trophy Push bug (wrong TH recognition)
  2. Fix for building upgrade definitions
  3. Fix for donating wizards and golems
  • Update 1
  1. Reworked the way we determine whether the bot is zoomed out
  2. fixed a barracks boosting bug
  • Added a Brand New Authentication System (Including Fallback System with automatic switch)
  • Added Attack requirement reduction feature
  • Added a Timer for the "End battle if no resource change"-feature
  • Faster analysis of opponent bases (Which allows faster skipping through search results)
  • Improved the text recognition for Donation Keywords
  • Added the possibility to Locate Heroes manually (for hero boosting)
  • Added an automatic approach to disable the Game Hooks for problematic systems
  • Removed the necessity to link barracks if you aren't doing barracks boosting
  • Improved the detection of THs which are being covered by UI elements (such as the Unit Deploy bar)
  • Improved the donation speed slightly (further improvements is possible)
  • Increased the frequency to check for new messages at clan tab (More frequent donations is possible)
  • Fixed 4-sided deployment for multiple troop kinds (e.g. Archer/Barbarian/Giant)
  • Some URLs have been changed to
  • Better tool-tips are available now
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs (such as visual stuff/wizard donation and so on)
  • Side note: A lot of time has been spent into the LUA attack api (not available yet)
  • Once the bot has stopped, no background processes will be running anymore

Features VIPs Get:

  • Advanced/Prioritized VIP Support Section
  • Custom Building Upgrades
  • Wall Upgrading
  • Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
  • Avoid Strong Bases To Increase Loot Per Hour
  • Trophy Pushing
  • Trophy Dropping
  • Troop Requesting
  • Smart Troop Donating
  • Force Attack
  • Re-Arming Traps/Xbow/Inferno
  • Automatic Chat Messages (Advertising in Global)
  • Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
  • Custom kickout wait time
  • Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
  • PushBullet Mobile Notifications
  • Save Loot Images
  • Save Attack Analysis Images
  • Notifications upon finding a base
  • Auto-Update Check
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